Photo of the Day – India Learning Journey Day 1

photo-of-the-day-1Never doubt that you can change the world. You do so beginning with yourself. By believing in yourself, you cause a butterfly effect that cannot be measured. But only if you start.

From the first ‘yellow envelope’ Indrani mailed to a shelter in the United States 5 years ago, all the way to today in India, where as you can see, we communed with a group of women and their children in their homes. Coaching questions and discussions ensued like wildfire about what these women want from their lives, how to stand up as mothers so their children can live better, where violence lives in their families, and…how to say ‘no.’

Sleep is clamouring, but suffice to say for now that when the topic of marriage came up, and the lovely moms said ‘yes, all my daughters should marry and have kids’ the room became electric when a shy and darling, 17 year old girl asked ‘why?’

The butterfly effect of this one word question was profound. And will doubtless ripple out within the girl, and in her community for decades. Indrani and I left inspired by her bravery and them with fresh possibilities for thinking about their futures – that also keeps them ‘whole’ inside their existing environment. And so I ask you… based on the wisdom of one word spoken today in Delhi that I share with you: what one word might change YOUR world today?

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