What to Say and How to Say It, When You Want to be Powerful AND Kind

Here’s your free Challenging Conversation Checklist for smart humans (including 6 things to avoid, so you can say a giant “Phew!”)

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“Andrea is strategic and direct, but caring, and never failed to give generously the guidance I needed, not only to win, but to win BIG. She is a one-of-a-kind mentor who changed my life and business.”

Dr. Avis Jones-DeWeever, Media Monetization Mentor, Political Commentator, Award-Winning Author

Are you yearning for your ‘unicorn’ work, where clear strategy, a loving heart, a sense of mission and aligned actions all come together?

What if…

  • Disagreements, negotiations and powerful emotions were no longer pressure points or cause for strain on you?
  • You could tell the status quo to ‘stuff it’ because you’re not here to play it safe?
  • A fresh perspective, a plan to follow through on your vision — and maybe some laughing along the way — were all easily within arm’s reach?

With advanced communication skills, proven business principles, and heartfelt rebellion, you can get there.

Let’s face it, the world we live in today contains an astonishing array of challenges and opportunities. With coaching, training and writing services, I help you traverse those. This is where thoughtful, adventurous humans get support that’s as smart and visionary as they are.

“Andrea is…the business coach version of Neil Armstrong.”

Judy Ann Payawal, Soul Coach

Hello, I’m Andrea and welcome!

After 20 years of teaching and coaching, you know what hits me in the feels? The nicknames clients give me, like: Hello Kitty coach (something about gentle nips), Yoda, Gandalf (always just in time), and even the ‘Jay-Z of coaching’ (I’ll take it!)

The first child of Taiwanese immigrants and a lifelong entrepreneur, I’m that out-of-the-box coach who champions you to achieve unconventional definitions of success. I wake up excited when your strategy, communication and action line up in ways that serve the world so well, the outcomes surprise even you.

To learn more about me, including the time I hijacked a multimillion dollar meeting in India and why I love our garden so much now that we have bees, go here.

Here’s How I Can Help You Create a Strategic Plan, Have High-ROI Conversations, and Take Action More Decisively:

1-on-1 Coaching & Mentoring

Caring, hands-on support that goes beyond talk, and doesn’t feel at all transactional because you’re not a transaction.

Microclasses & Royalty-Free TRAINING Licenses

Training that’s as zingy and refreshing as homemade lemonade – including options to license and train your community.

Editing and Ghostwriting

Connecting you and your readers with writing that sounds like you, only better! Which also means your to-do list gets shorter. Can I get an amen?!

Books & EBooks

Easy-to-read BFFs about business, communication and coaching. We hear words like “dog-eared” and “full of sticky notes” a LOT around here! 

Ready to get strategic with your energy, money and time on Earth?

Let’s talk about that.