In the science experiment called life, Andrea considers herself, and her husband, a data point, and her changed behaviour a hypothesis. Abusive behaviour can be stopped.

With a million views, shares and comments, her video When the Police Came is a clear signal that this is a message whose time has come. Her talks, Redeemable Abusers: Possibilities for Healing from the Perpetrator Side of the Equation, and Why Abusers Abuse provide much-needed counterpoints to the prevailing discourse about abuse, and represent a sea change in focus and prevention.

Andrea has traveled to Ecuador, Trinidad, India, and across the United States with the Indrani’s Light Foundation to teach, speak and spread the message of emotional leadership and appropriate anger.

Andrea is also CEO of Thought Partners International, a consulting firm that champions problem-solving, and ideas that are ahead of their time. Described by clients as having a hands-on, “Back Pocket CEO,” Andrea’s strengths lie in helping innovative ideas find footing. Results come in the form of leveraged, sustainable income and, her favourite outcome, measurable change in the mainstream conversation about possibilities.

She is the coach you want when the chips are down, and stakes are high. A thought partner whose game gets better when what you’re working on is deeply important.

When she’s not swimming or paddle-boarding in the lake, or homesteading with her husband of 23 years in the Pacific Northwest, she strives to be worthy of the many blessings in her life, and to live up to what her dog thinks of her.

Kind Words about Work With Andrea

"Andrea will get you thinking and most importantly operating from a new perspective. Solving problems is Andrea's forte."

Armando VillaInside Sales Manager, Extimata Inc.

"The business coach version of Neil Armstrong.”

Judy Ann PayawalFounder, Soul Coach

"A unique animal: a philosopher with a business brain. She also knows how to make the money happen."

Indrani GoradiaFounder, Indrani’s Light Foundation
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15 hours ago

Andrea J. Lee

Coaching reflection of the day, for our clients, and for the leader within our selves:

"Yes without No destroys one’s own satisfaction, whereas
No without Yes destroys one’s relationship with others.
We need both Yes and No together. For Yes is the key
word of community, No the key word of individuality.
Yes is the key word of connection, No the key word of
protection. Yes is the key word of peace, No the key word of justice." -- William Ury, The Power of the Positive No

Where are you meeting or overmeeting the needs of others? Overthinking things without touching base within for your heart your yesses and nos? Not to overharp on this, but I am struck (metaphorically, but still) by how so much of the drama in the lives of our community, the seemingly-intractable patterns in our relationships, our inability to get what we want, even how we experience our day on a granular level re the problems of society at large, returns, time and again, to this inner state of equanimity navigating the yesses and the nos.

Even if you think you 'have' this, will you join me in exploring the relationship between Yes and No this week?

#doingtheimpossible #doonething #citizenpower
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2 days ago

Andrea J. Lee

Early Registration for the Power of Coaching LIVE event is drawing to a close.

We're excited to welcome you to this experience with a difference.

If you yearn to expand your knowledge, communication skills, & commitment to your work…
The Power of Coaching has been created expressly for you.

Join us and replace outdated skills and knowledge with what’s needed to meet the challenges you and your clients face today.

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3 days ago

Andrea J. Lee

"How much good can I do with my one life?" — Buckminster Fuller ... See MoreSee Less

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