Have you ever read a book that felt like pop rocks for your mind or a thunderstorm in your heart?

Whether you love to read, to write, or both, you know that a single piece of fine writing at the perfect moment can have an incredibly direct and intimate impact on your life.

Especially if you’re on the introverted side, looking for courage to take the next step, sorting through confusing choices, or getting clear what you need to say to someone despite being petrified, I know you’re always on the lookout for a book that turns the light on in the dashboard of your mind. Every book or article I write nourishes and refreshes me, and I hope the same for you.

The following titles are available now:

We Need to Talk: Your Guide to Challenging Business Conversations

This is Andrea’s latest book. It’s a straightforward and immediately usable read, filled with example dialogue and suggested language for how to have tough conversations.

She may be a woman, Canadian, and Asian – the very definition of ‘nice’ – but Andrea is who people turn to time and again for guidance about how to say what needs to be said. Take a deep breath, and let’s do this.

“SAVES you $100s of $1000s and EARNS you $100s of $1000s.

From handling disruptive team members to having effective meetings, to dealing with disgruntled clients, to even closing bigger deals, this book by Andrea J. Lee is worth a hundred times its weight in gold.

Without exaggeration, she shows you how to increase earnings and decrease losses in every single chapter. She even gives you the very words to use as well as “question templates” to follow…can’t get any easier than that!”

— Scott, Amazon Reviewer

Multiple Streams of Coaching Income

This classic on coaching is like having a mastermind buddy in a book.

Published in 2003 when books for coaches were a rarity, Multiple Streams of Coaching Income still sits on the top shelf of trusted references by experienced and new coaches alike…nearly 20 years later.

Be sure to bring your highlighter and pen to make notes on all the new income streams ideas you get!

“A wake up call when I was restructuring my business.

I loved this book! It was just what I needed, just when I needed it.

It is too easy to get so wrapped up in your business so all you see everyday are the ‘trees’. After reading this book I said “Hey look, a forest”.

If you are a Coach, you owe it to yourself to read this book!!”

— David Mason, Amazon Reviewer

Money, Meaning & Beyond: 27 Unexpected Ways to Create What Really Matters for Business Owners

As entrepreneurs and business owners, we spend most of our day getting our ducks in a row. But what if we wake up one day and realize those aren’t our ducks? That’s where Money, Meaning and Beyond can help.

Master business coaches Andrea and Tina share wisdom gained from coaching 1000s of entrepreneurs in this practical guide that can help you coach yourself.

Out-of-the Box Thinking for Left Brain Thinkers

“For a left-brain, linear thinker like me, the concepts have my head buzzing with many new ideas to grow my coaching business.

I’ve already read the book twice; packed with insight, meaty information in short, easy-to-digest chapters; light-hearted, insightful metaphors and case study examples; and practical, thought-provoking questions.

A great companion to the first book by Andrea, “Multiple Streams of Coaching Income.”

— Kathy Bitschenauer, Professional Career & Retirement Coach, Amazon Reviewer

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