Business as Unusual: Breaking the Rules of Online Business (A Case Study)

Welcome to this episode which features an example of successfully conducting business in our online world by creating our own rules. The Internet is a malleable place, ours for the shaping. So why not shape it in alignment with the values we believe in most? This is what my guest, and mentor to underrepresented women of colour, Sonali Fiske did when she created the highly-acclaimed Black, Indigenous, Women of Colour (BIWOC) Masterclass called ‘Dismantling White Dominance in Women’s Entrepreneurship – Potent Conversations with BIWOC countering the Narrative Right now.’

Listen in to hear what it’s like to intentionally break new ground in both format, and content, and get a huge amount of attention for it on a controversial topic. If you’ve ever had an inkling that something is not quite right (on any topic) and you wish you could change it, OR, perhaps you chafe at the rules reality seems to impose on doing business in a certain way, well, this will be a must listen.

Sonali shares candidly and personally about her experience, and tells us about her next moves, including her intention to shake up the money model for ‘free telesummits’ which you may want to participate in. Suffice to say, this is an example that shows us that doing things in a way that’s authentic and groundbreaking is anything but impossible for online entrepreneurs.

To learn more about her masterclass creation, visit: and if you are, or you know, an underrepresented woman of colour with a vision, who is working on elevating her voice and building a platform, Sonali is a worthy and unique resource. I hope you listen to the interviews in the masterclass when they are re-released, and visit her at

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