Strategic Coaching + Consulting

Did you know it’s possible to hire a ‘Back Pocket CEO’? Or, if preferred, a Director of Innovation or HR Manager? Any one of these is possible without exorbitant costs and time-consuming training.

In addition to private coaching, having someone with experience to carry out CEO functions, is what Andrea gets asked to do most often.

“Can you show me what it’s like to have an experienced CEO for my business, and I’ll learn by doing with you?” Whether this is for 3 months, a year, or, a single project, this hands-on, ‘doing-the-work’ service is now available on a limited basis.

Whether you engage Andrea as a traditional 1-on-1 coach, or, hire her to join your team, each engagement is customized to you. Regardless, Andrea will only agree to work with you if she feels you can create a great result together. Some examples of what we can work on:

  • Help you build a sales team to increase your cash flow.
  • Add easy-to-deliver income streams that piggyback your current offers.
  • Access more of your ideal clients without having to build or grow a list.
  • Create contrarian content that attracts attention.
  • Create a presentation that converts into leads or sales.
  • Fundraise or otherwise integrate a philanthropy department or foundation.
  • Stop being a bully to your team so you can look in the mirror again.
  • Stop launching and losing money, start selling creatively.
  • Stop doing business someone else’s way, find yours.
  • Transition your business to a new vision.
  • Build online community in a way that sticks.
  • Find your voice and message, even if it’s sensitive, and you are an introvert.
  • Connect your business vision with the issues that matter to you in the world.
  • Evolve your business model and marketing methods.

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Space is currently available to onboard coaching and consulting clients on a first-come, first-serve basis until summer of 2019. The prerequisite for working together is that you have a big vision and you are ready to take action. We will do the inner and outer work of getting it done.

Got questions about whether we are a fit? Inquire here. Include some details about what you’d most like to achieve, and a few times to meet, and explore further.

I look forward to determining if we are a good fit, and, if not, assisting you with your search for same.

“Through just one idea, I added over 6 figures to my business in 6 weeks. Andrea is the thought leader’s thought leader.”

Lisa SasevichCEO, The Invisible Close LLC

“Andrea has an uncanny ability to get to the heart of an issue quickly, directly, and with divine tact. With her guidance, delivered with a velvet covered hammer, she has helped me move my business immeasurably forward.”

Ann DickinsonPresident, Eye on Your Profit LLC