Counterculture classes that make your brain feel like a firefly convention – energized, excited and ready to light up the sky.

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“Fabulous. Andrea’s commitment never disappoints – she always does something different in class. She’s cutting edge, innovative – you’ll always hear something interesting and exciting.”

- Louise Crooks, Holistic Business Coach

Here are our Currently-Available Classes

Note: Because you want thought-provoking training that’s easy (and fast) to implement, we teach in a short, adult-brain-friendly Microclass format

“Tackle the tough “money conversation” in any joint venture with this simple, “why didn’t I think of that” method and just say no to nervousness about joint ventures.

  • A reusable spreadsheet populated with go-to formulas (for easy sharing with potential partners)
  • A friendly, sayable script you can personalize so it’s there to follow step-by-step

A big picture metaphor that makes online marketing and income stream creation make sense.

Online marketing & income stream creation shouldn’t have to be confusing. This big-picture metaphor helps you understand the WHY behind every online marketing strategy, so you can plan and implement with confidence and make adjustments in a logical way.


  • Worksheets ready for brainstorming about income streams–serve your clients in a natural way that feels good to your heart.
  • A visual aid for the Pink Spoon Journey so memorable you’ll be inoculated against online business hype!

Train with us if you want action steps so user friendly, you’re doing them before you even realize you’re doing them

Because we get it – people on a mission have a mission to get to!


Unconventional content and a fresh teaching style that helps you communicate and grow.

Evidence-based Content

Think of it as high-value anti-fluff!

Role Plays

Because rehearsal –when done in a safe environment like we do– makes the learning last.

Big Picture Thinking

Finally see the top of the puzzle box and how all the pieces work together…invaluable long after the class is over.

Specific Solutions

Bring your real-life challenges and we’ll get right into the nitty-gritty with you.

Fun 🙂

Learning here is enjoyable and often irreverent, a bit like a pack of pop-rocks for your brain.

“Andrea made class so relevant to each of us, plus her humor made class so much fun!

Best self care investment I’ve made in a long time.”

- Jude Eastman, Life Coach, M. Ed., IAC-MCC

Uncommon intelligence, profound compassion and an extraordinary ability to be honest & gentle at the same time combine to make Andrea one of my favorite speakers ever.”

- Samantha Bennett, CEO, The Organized Artist Company

Royalty-Free Training Licenses Now Available.

Looking for compelling content to teach so you can open new income streams fast, enrol more students and amp up your ‘It Factor?’ Get the Microclass PLUS the Training License all-in-one.

*Training Licenses are also worth considering if you love to learn at a more advanced level.

How to Share the Money in a Joint Venture - Microclass plus Training License

Backed by over 10 years of testing, this training electrifies students and gets financial results. Exactly what you want for your community, right? Comes with a customizable spreadsheet – yours as part of this no-strings-attached license.

Pink Spoon Marketing - Microclass plus Training License

A teaching so multi-sensory, your students will never forget you were the teacher who clarified online marketing and income stream creation for them, for once and for all! Plus, this class banishes overwhelm and helps students make decisions. Everybody say ‘phew!

“Andrea, you delivered 1000% and more.”

- Gina Hiatt, Founder/CEO, Academic Ladder

“For those who learn best by teaching others, picking up the training license is a no brainer.”

- Barbara Lawson, Executive Coach

Not-your-average Instructor

Question: What do Japanese firefighters, 21 in-person workshops including one in a swimming pool, piles of rocks to illustrate racism, stick-on moustaches and business disobedience have in common?

Answer: I’ve been the trainer on all of these topics and in more unusual scenarios than the average bear, and have the teaching skills, stories and student successes to prove it. 

Translation: Training lights me up. Students return for multiple helpings. Everyone learns and grows. Life is good! Can’t wait to see you in class.

Curious for more about me? Go here. 

Are you ready to pick a short but mighty class to jump into and get going?

Here’s all the training that’s available right now:

Microclass Plus Training Licenses

How to Share Money in a Joint Venture

Pink Spoon Marketing


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