Are you longing for coaching that’s so remarkable, so smart yet doable, and so hands-on it’s genuinely exhilarating?

Whatever version of you you’re focused on right now…

  • Work that’s another level from where you’re at: making a courageous career move, expanding or transitioning your business, going for the vision that makes your heart beat a little faster.
  • Communication you’re proud of, especially when what you say really matters.
  • Grabbing opportunities for expanded income, a life of less stress, more joy.
  • Facing the new minefields in our world today, including making public mistakes or getting ‘cancelled’ and sorting out what the heck to do when that happens.
  • Becoming a clearer, kinder, more energetic leader at home and in public.
  • Finally completing a passion project that’s been collecting dust.
  • Becoming a much more skilled and confident coach, manager or speaker.
  • Maximizing your many creative skills, ideas and possibilities.
  • Building a team to support you to scale – sales teams, coaching teams and operations teams are all fair game!

Chances are, whatever you’re navigating, I’ve seen it. I’ve helped hundreds of leaders aim high, follow the unconventional path and succeed through setbacks. I’ve also built my own businesses along the way, grappled with inner demons, and I’d deeply love to help you with that.

Here you’ll find a unique mix of coaching, consulting, and done-for-you support – it’s like having an experienced, hands-on CEO on your team.

I’m delighted you’re interested in coaching. On this page, you’ll find a little about my coaching background, some specific packages, and guidance for how to proceed if you’re interested in taking the next step.

Already ready to go? Terrific. Click here to see the available packages, and book a no-obligation conversation where we can chat directly. 

Still at the kicking-the-tires stage, checking out your options? No problem, and good for you. Keep reading to get the scoop about what working with me can look like.

“I’ve worked with hundreds of authors and some of the top thought leaders of our time, and Andrea Lee is a rare bird. In her writing and coaching, she gently guides you down a path toward bold shifts and fresh ideas. To work with her is a privilege, because I always come away with a perspective on my own life and work that I could not have come to on my own.”

— Anjanette Harper, Editor and Publishing Strategist, Top Three Book Workshop

Do you wake up wanting to make the world a better place for everyone, then put on your socks and get to work? Me too.

You may be an executive, entrepreneur, non-profit founder, or committed, creative human who wants to make a for-real contribution to a world, or you may be under a lot of pressure and simply not know what to do. Or maybe you’ve been both.

Well, I’m a coach who, after 20 years of private practice, still prepares for each coaching session like it’s my last. That’s not just because it’s true, but because each call is that important to me. At the risk of seeming overly dramatic, I care. 

If you’re looking to shift cultural norms through brave external moves and dedicated internal growth, let’s talk. 

“I think of coaching as similar to creating music. There is rhythm, momentum, emotion. Chorus, verse, volume, teamwork, attack. Melodies, harmonies, quiet, and in the end, something beautiful has changed.

Something new has been created that lasts.”

— Andrea J. Lee

How coaching works

Right-sized coaching packages customized to your specific needs

I’m a big fan of right-sizing. Accordingly, the smallest amount of coaching you can invest in with me is one session. That’s not often the right size, but it’s there if you ever need it.

Included in all packages is hands-on, done-with-you and done-for-you help. This means reviewing documents, copywriting, editing, help with hiring team members, and other activities that go beyond the coaching session itself.

The most common coaching packages clients come back for are:


The Jumpstart

This 3-session package is usable within a maximum of 3 months, or one call per month. And yes, you can get support in between sessions via a dedicated Slack channel just for you.


The Deeper Dive

This 6-session package is usable within a maximum of 6 months, one call per month at minimum, with support in between sessions via Slack. It’s like having a CEO right in your hip pocket!

Here are some examples of goals achieved by prior coaching clients:

  • Going from moderate business income to multiple six figures, profitably and joyfully.
  • Creating new offerings, establishing a sales process and hitting sales goals.
  • Curing an overburdened schedule and becoming someone who can say no.
  • Transforming frustration, anger and even rage into creativity, power and pleasure.*
  • Shedding an unhappy leadership role and planning the next career move.
  • Breaking an outrageously big vision into a plan and following through.

*Looking for a coach to help stop or reduce emotional abusiveness, detangle habits of self-abuse, or navigate life and work with angry or abusive partners? You’re in the right place for that too. Click here for more info. 

Additional Options for How Coaching Can Look

Sliding Scale Fees

Coaching scholarships for private coaching are available on a case by case basis — do not hesitate to inquire.

Know you want something longer and more comprehensive?

Longer packages are available at a volume discount if desired. For example, two Deeper Dive packages (see above) can combine for a fantastic year’s worth of focused coaching. For an entrepreneur with a strong revenue goal, this is an excellent timeframe to consider.

Whatever package we put together for you, the thing I’d like you to know is: this is coaching that’s not transactional, because you’re not a transaction. Our first step is to chat, so we can tailor this to fit. 

What about the Coaching Investment?

I believe in price transparency as well as customizing coaching to your specific needs, so what I’ll say is this. The standard investment for coaching with me begins at USD $2995. Depending on where you are in the business journey, whether you’re investing on your own or through your corporation, you’re in the non-profit or social justice sectors, or, you’re a returning client, I have a range of investment options. While the investment is ‘not nothing,’ I’m told – not infrequently – that my fees are extremely reasonable.

If this all sounds reasonable for where you are, the next step is to book a no-obligation, potentially fun conversation here to explore further. 


Want a coach “in from the wild, perhaps a little feral”? Read on.

There are a lot of coaches in the world, and I’m honoured you’re considering me. As you do, I’d like you to know:

I’m a coach who has never undergone a formal accredited coach training. I am–as I jokingly call it–a coach “in from the wild, perhaps a little feral.”

Having said that, I was part of the original team that built the first, largest online coach training school – CoachVille and the Graduate School of Coaching – helped create several seminal coach training curricula (from which others are derived), and helped write and beta test a number of coach certification programs.

I’m wired to innovate and push the boundaries of the skillset called coaching. As a result, I get asked regularly to train and supervise adventurous coaches.

If it’s important to you to hire a coach who has lots of letters attached, I’m not your person. But if my track record with clients counts with you, we might be great together.

Lastly, I’ve done a lot of teaching, writing, consulting and project-management alongside my 20 years of coaching. As a result, I have a strength in blending these modalities. If what you seek is a pure coaching container with zero telling or advice-giving, we’re almost definitely not a fit. If you value an intentional mix… this could be the start of something beautiful.

Had enough thinking and wondering about coaching, and where you want to go? Terrific. Book a time to talk and let’s get going already.

Ready to get strategic with your energy, money and time on Earth?

Let’s talk about that.

“What’s truly consistent about Andrea is her incredible ability to create space for innovation and leave people with breakthroughs.

Fun, curious and insightful…Andrea has played a big role in how I deliver my programs – she opened my eyes to what true collaboration looks like. You can always count on her to have the most unpredictable perspective on your biggest challenge.”

- Milana Leshinsky, CEO The Coaching Genie Group Coaching Software