Friends who Disagree about Politics: Why Have Them?

Talking politics among friends and family is already considered taboo, and in the era of Trump as President of the United States, this seems true more than ever. But when friends disagree about politics, what we actually have is opportunity – the chance to lean on the love we have for each other to understand things we might not bother with.

To that end, this episode is a very special one with someone I consider to be a friend, who is a coach, and a Trump supporter. You’ll hear Mary Allen talk about her experience being public about opinions that some of her friends disagree strongly with.

As Van Jones says, ‘We earn the right to disagree with someone ONLY when we understand them.”

This episode has one goal: to encourage us all to cultivate ‘friends on the other side’ no matter what the topic. In this way, we create the possibility of a demilitarized conversation zone.

I hope you’ll help ‘do the impossible’ by generously listening to people you disagree with the next time you have a chance. You never know, you doing that might just lead to someone giving you that gift back, somewhere down the road.


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