I have to tell you, Andrea J. Lee is one of the most impactful speakers I have ever experienced.

She’s truly one of a kind. She has an authentic, caring style, and I have to say her generously shared story, literally blew me away.

Andrea J. Lee is someone you have got to hear. I promise you, your life will be changed.

Dr. Avis Jones-DeWeeverFounder of the Exceptional Leadership Institute for Women

"Andrea J Lee is something of a unicorn."

She is that rare breed of entrepreneur who combines a brilliant strategic mind with a clear, loving heart, a profound sense of mission, the willingness to climb in the trenches to do whatever needs to be done, and the ability to carve out a direct path from vision to action to fulfillment. She does all of this with lightness, humour, grace, and immense kindness.

Andrea is a dynamic, inspiring and exciting speaker whose highly popular presentations emerge from her own lived experience, which she shares with authenticity and flair. She works tirelessly to educate about, and to promote freedom from violence, both in the entrepreneurial space, and globally, through her affiliation with Indrani’s Light Foundation.

Her anti-violence work blends seamlessly with her impressive business skills and experience. Hire her as your "back-pocket CEO", and she will help you to create a healthy team and a workplace that is inclusive, diverse, compassionate and respectful, all while maintaining a deep commitment to your company’s values, integrity and profitability. She is practical, creative, and a true treasure for anyone fortunate enough to work with her. I’m so grateful for her presence on my team, and in my life.

Hiro BogaMentor & Guide for Visionary Entrepreneurs