Loving without Limits: Opening Up about being Married and Dating

This episode is about love. Specifically, the limits we sometimes put on it, kow-towing to a (some would say) outdated way that love ‘should’ look. You know, dating leads to marriage, leads to kids, leads to getting old together, etc. To some, anything else but that traditional path would seem downright impossible.

Listen in as long-time colleague and friend Lisa Cherney, a mentor to entrepreneurs, shares her journey of opening up her marriage to ethical non-monogamy, and in doing so has brought more love into not just her life, but also that of her husband, her boyfriends, her daughter, her mom, and really everyone around her.

This episode is for you if you’re curious about what it looks like to more authentically express your desires, your sexuality and how you live in the world with your body, regardless of your marital status.

In a world that could without a doubt use more love, we hope that listening in will increase: your sense of possibility around being in love, being loving, and being loved.


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