Looking for bold, compelling writing that works without tricks, pressure tactics or that ick factor?

You’re in the right place.

In a world overflowing with words, it’s easy to forget that great writing is the impetus for some of the most potent experiences in life. 

Falling in love, starting a revolution, generating income, rectifying injustices, and even making 100s of people belly laugh so hard, they forget all their troubles.

In your work, your writing represents you and what you stand for. Excellent writing helps you give of your gifts, even when you’re tired, on vacation, or let’s face it, after you’re gone! Not to mention, there’s no way to generate leads or income on the Internet without writing.

On the other hand, crappy writing repels people, makes problems worse, and can even cost you untold thousands of dollars! (Sad trombone.) Let’s make sure you’re not going there, shall we?

You bring your ideas, imagination and writing projects… and I’ll infuse them with originality, purpose and drive.

Are you struggling with writing, labouring to get what’s in your head on paper? Maybe you’re writing’s pretty good, but you have too many ideas and can’t get them to settle down. Or, you know writing’s not the best use of your time and energy, but need a high-integrity writer who gets you.

Whatever the reason, I’m here to draw a line in the sand – frustration and suffering around writing is strictly optional! Let’s collaborate. Together, we can complete your strategic intellectual property.

Writing projects like:

  • An original, impactful and bookable keynote that you love.
  • An entire book that you have some raw material for, but…those ingredients need to become a book already!
  • A passionate manifesto to announce a new income stream.
  • Your company Vision and Mission statement – because without it you’re kinda lost.
  • Or maybe a vulnerable and clear apology from the heart that really needs to work.

For 20 years, I’ve included writing services as part of my 1-on-1 business coaching packages. Now, writing’s as a separate service. And you get the business coaching thrown in for extra value. Sound intriguing?

Let’s talk.

“I’m struck by the way Andrea was able to help me say just what I meant in just the right way. The sales email we wrote was beautiful, authentic, and heartfelt. It also converted at an unbelievable rate of 10%.”

- Melanie St. Ours, Author, The Simple Guide to Natural Health

Writing contains so much joyful energy for me that I can’t wait to share with you.

In fact, I credit all my best memories of making a difference, and getting out of unhappy situations, to writing.

  • A narrative essay supporting my brother to get a music scholarship.
  • A letter of protest to my University after returning from the Tiananmen Square Massacre. (I was given an award for that one, but it was the changes in the department–and the acknowledgement of wrongdoing–that lit the writing fire in me.)
  • A piece in the Washington Post about breaking the silence about emotional abuse.
  • Three self-published books and a fourth in the cooker. And lots more.

Through all these writing projects, I’ve learned that a single piece of innovative writing is the most direct path to change there is, including making cash flow.

Here’s how it works:

Ghostwriting Services

When your best ideas are scribbled down on post its and buried in 7 different notebooks, you know you have a book in you but no bandwidth to make it happen, or you’re fresh out of ideas but need great content, I can help as a ghostwriter.

We meet to discuss your needs and create a plan that covers timeframe, investment, and number of revisions. All things being a fit, I get started researching, interviewing you, outlining and writing so I can deliver your project on time. Meeting to discuss progress along the way is included.

Developmental Editing Services

You have some completed writing! Hey, congratulations. Speaking as one writer to another, that’s a win. Next, you could use help organizing, refining and making sure the structure is the best it can be in preparation for publication.

Bring your existing writing and we’ll polish it until it shines in just the way you want. This may mean several editing passes depending on your strengths as a writer and the results you want to create–let’s discuss the specifics.

It would be an honour to be your writing partner. Book a complimentary call to discuss your project and let’s explore if we’re a fit.

“You’re writing the guide for so many. Thank you for having the mind and insight you possess to gather these thoughts together. You are my Yoda.”

— Nancy Marmolejo, CEO, Talent and Genius

“It’s just past 4am and I’m up at my desk. You have woken me up. It’s this darned book of yours. I have read the first 60 or so pages and I’m fed up of nodding ‘Yes, yes, yes!’ I need to go back to bed, if I can sleep. If I can’t…what a way to keep awake!”

- Martin Haworth, Leadership Coach & Trainer