We Need To Talk

by Andrea J. Lee

When it comes to growing a business, Andrea J. Lee isn't just ON the cutting edge, she cuts the edge.

—Skip Weisman

From the author of the coaching industry bible Multiple Streams of Coaching Income: The Future of Coaching is now

Since her first book was published in 2003, tens of thousands of entrepreneurs, coaches, philanthropists and other leaders from around the world have turned to Andrea’s writing and teaching to make their dreams come true. In her latest title, she offers her practical, yet unconventional wisdom to the topic of the toughest of conversations we experience at work, showing us how we can defuse anger, tension among colleagues, and even proactively avoid workplace violence with a set of three simple questions.

Andrea shares how to stop needless meetings, handle tough bosses, divide profit between partners, and inspire the best from our teams. She reminds us that the skill of having peaceful conversations is a learnable one, that starting at work leads to more harmony at home, and even in our own hearts. Whether you’re hung over from a conversation you should have had in the past, or you anticipate one in the future that is interrupting your sleep, We Need to Talk is your friendly and easy-to-use guide containing tools, questions, and key phrases you can learn to use with a smile.

“There are not many books that are at a once immediately practical and profoundly philosophical. This is one of those books.”

— Verified Reviewer, N. Choi,


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