You will run into some people in your life that make you proud to represent your profession. Andrea Lee is one of those people for me — she is an insightful, smart, productive, collaborative and incredibly fun coaching maverick that helped shape a much-needed new direction for the profession. And to top it off, she is Canadian, which we all know makes her just a cut cooler than the rest of us.

—Pam Slim
Arizona, USA

When Andrea first told me her vision for the future - which included dedicating herself to ending gender-based violence… I was just in awe at how incredible this woman really is. She is talented in business, yes. But she has the biggest heart and drive to always make a difference in everything she does. Anything she sets her mind to - it happens. We should all be thankful for the Andrea's of the world.

—Chelsea Berler
Alabama, USA

Andrea has a unique combination of being a philosopher with a business brain, and there are not very many of those animals around. She knows how to do the stuff that no one can put into words and she knows how to make money from it.

—Indrani Goradia
Texas, USA

It’s just past 4 AM and I’m up at my desk. You have woken me up. It’s this darned book of yours. I have read the first 60 or so pages and I’m fed up of nodding, ‘Yes, yes, yes!’ Now that I’ve got that off my chest, I need to go back to bed…if I can sleep. If I can’t…what a way to keep awake!

—Martin Haworth
United Kingdom

Andrea, you deliver 1000% percent and more.

It's going to take a while for all this learning to sink in. And somehow you put together in one room some of the smartest, most insightful people I've ever met.

I've made some connections that will last a lifetime. Thank you!"

—Gina Hiatt
Founder and CEO | USA

I think of Andrea as my business hero. After a coaching call with Andrea I always have a hard time falling asleep that night because my brain is buzzing. If you are considering hiring someone else as your coach, stop to consider Andrea’s lengthy business history, her work as an author, product creator and thought leader.

—Sandra De Freitas

“After working as an Online Business Manager, and being on the receiving end of Andrea’s advocacy, cheerleading and coaching-with-edge for years, I finally stepped into the spotlight.

I was able to write my book Becoming an Online Business Manager, launch an international Association AND a Training & Certification program all within 12 months.

When the opportunity comes along to partner with the right big-thinking thought partner for you, I say go for it!

—Tina Forsyth

Andrea you are a real blessing. You see right into the marrow of things. That soft place of vulnerability where DNA is made.

—Margaret Bradshaw

Andrea is…the business coach version of Neil Armstrong.

—Judy Ann Payawal
Soul Coach™

I can always tell a lot about a teacher by the kind of people that work with them and what they do with their lives, and I’m so impressed with the integrity, the innovation and just the kindness of the people in Andrea’s community.

And Andrea herself I think she’s really egoless and I trust her. I trust the scope of her vision and that she sees what’s possible in me along with the little nitty-gritty action steps to get me there which I think it’s that combination of things that’s really rare. There is like a soul-knowing and then a business savvy that really excites me and refreshes me.

—Sara Avant Stover

I don’t know if you’re all really grokking the value of what Andrea’s teaching.

It’s really difficult to find places that will tell you the truth about what’s really happening behind the scenes of online business and income streams, including what’s working AND what’s not working.

—David Goldsmith

Andrea Lee has a style of teaching that is all her own, and so effective. She combines wisdom, heart, humor and solid know-how to provide her audience with a memorable and incredibly valuable experience.

—Dr. Bob Uslander
Doctors On Purpose

Within 5 minutes of hearing Andrea J Lee speak from the stage, I got my money's worth for the entire event (and it was a $1500, 3-day event). She shared a gem so profound, it literally changed the way I think.

—Don Staley
Author of Fit Mind, Fit Body

When it comes to growing a business, Andrea J. Lee isn't just ON the cutting edge, she cuts the edge.

—Skip Weisman

Andrea onstage is mesmerizing, entertaining and eye-opening. Already an expert in my field, I want to be a global thought leader, and Andrea makes it do-able.

—Nikkea B. Devida

Through just one idea Andrea helped with, I added over 6 figures to my business within 6 weeks! Andrea is the thought leader’s thought leader – the person to follow when it comes to income through innovation.

—Lisa Sasevich
San Diego

Of all the recommendations I can give you, Andrea is the tops. No, higher than that. Like the cherry on top.

—Michael Port

The content was more than pretty, exciting or sexy – it was substantive, based in an alchemical mixture of solid experience, wisdom, generosity and commitment.

The level of safety and intimacy created by the team transcended anything I’ve ever experienced in a larger group format. You take the time to create an experience. It was nurturing and inspiring, with just the right touch of challenge. You raised the bar for me on events, Andrea!

—Lyn Allen

Andrea is to thought leadership what a fine jeweler is to diamonds; she instinctively sees the most beautiful facets and knows just how to set them for optimal customer experience and lasting brilliance. Like the idea diamonds she sets every day, Andrea is a treasure.

—Dave Buck
New Jersey

Fabulous. Andrea’s commitment never disappoints. She always does something different and she’s just edgy. She’s on the cutting edge, innovative and you’ll always hear something new and interesting and exciting.

—Louise Crooks

This is the book the coaching industry has needed for a decade. Reading it will set you free to make the money you deserve as a professional, Finally, permission to associate the word M O N E Y and coaching in a powerful and uplifting way.

—Robert Alderman, MCC, CPBA
Managing Your Success

Thomas Leonard, CEO and founder of CoachVille used to call Andrea Lee his secret weapon because it was through her management and expertise that CoachVille grew so quickly and effortlessly. As far as I can see, the 39 Lessons is the only resource of its kind, where you can learn first hand the secrets behind running a successful online organization, just like CoachVille.

—Susan T. Austin