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Andrea J. Lee is CEO of Thought Partners International, an internationally-known business that has helped thousands of leaders – among them teachers, authors, business owners, and philanthropists. She has helped shape change in the world of professional coaching, online business management, academia, women’s health and spirituality, and gender-violence prevention, among others.

She excels at creating new paradigms of thought, and the language needed to make these ideas real. She writes, hosts retreats and workshops, and coaches/consults from her home on Vancouver Island, on the West coast of Canada.
Andrea is unique in her approach. Like many, she is a trusted advisor, and coaches and consults by phone and in person around the world. But she also collaborates, and on occasion will invest with you into projects that benefit from hands-on partnership. Among her expertise is:

  • Building operational teams that are highly profitable, growing and scaling, and, that have low turnover.
  • Accelerating leadership development through mentoring and role modelling.
  • Sourcing your legacy work, usually involving causing ‘necessary trouble’ on issues close to your heart.
  • All departments of business-building – including revenue generation – in particular for concepts that are ground-breaking or new, so-called thought leader businesses.
  • Navigating the toughest times in your life, including the challenging conversations that come with those.

Andrea is the author of We Need to Talk: Your Guide to Challenging Business Conversations, Multiple Streams of Coaching Income, and Pink Spoon Marketing. Her business mentorship brand, Wealthy Thought Leader, hosted over 12 events in the space of 5 years, and taught breakthrough thinking to thousands of entrepreneurs from start up through to 6, 7 and 8 figure incomes.

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