As a coach, Andrea encourages an attitude of experimentation, and is fierce in her advocacy on behalf of clients, whether you’re an entrepreneur, philanthropist or leader of another flavour. She provokes, activates and deepens your relationship with yourself and challenges you to make the most of what only you can do.

She believes she brings four central ingredients to mentoring engagements: teaching, coaching, role modeling and transferring coaching skills so that in time, you can become your own coach.

Andrea has coached actively and continuously since 2003, both individually and in groups, in a countless variety of situations and towards a range of deeply-sought goals. She coaches privately, in intensive group programs online, in workshops and in an innovative process of shadowing, particularly at live events for first-time event hosts. Working with Andrea is also said to be…fun.

There are only two questions to help decide if you’re ready for mentoring with Andrea:

Do you want to accomplish something special, something big, something only you can dream of doing?


Are you ready to take action?

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