Gender-Based Violence, is it ALL about girls and women?


The work I do at the Indrani’s Light Foundation towards violence-free homes is a very personal and intense commitment. Suffice to say, it’s not only because I care about eradicating violence towards women or girls. Not at all. As much as I care about that, I have an extra bonfire of passion for the cause… Continue Reading →

Reflection on Pain and Its Place in our Businesses

The kind of behind the scenes questions I’m getting has changed tenor in the last two weeks, an opening created by the work being done, with its humblest of roots, on a global scale now in India. I’ve been reflecting on ‘how did we do it?’ ‘what is the secret?’ and ‘i’m dejected, i feel… Continue Reading →

Theme Song of the Day – India Learning Journey – Day 2


It was a day of much darkness, so much so that the pinpricks of light we saw were an extra special shade of shiny. Included was a long visit with 10 sex workers who spoke candidly about stories they’d never shared before. In which I witnessed Indrani reach for a new depth of ‘becoming’ into herself, knowing… Continue Reading →