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A believer in the power of clear, compassionate conversation.

Andrea J. Lee is available for interviews and appearances focusing on communication and its importance in our increasingly contentious world. As an anti-gender-based-violence activist, speaker, business coach and author of We Need to Talk, she is an expert on how to handle “difficult conversations,” both in business and in our personal lives.

Andrea believes in the power of conversations that are both clear and compassionate not only to improve relationships, but as a starting place for healing some of the larger issues plaguing our planet.


Interview Topics

Book Title: We Need to Talk: Your Guide to Challenging Business Conversations

WeNeedToTalk3DFinalAndrea demonstrates how having those difficult conversations improves the health and productivity of all involved due to stress relief. It frees up energy to be creative and reframes the negative emotions by changing their meaning. Here are just some of the practical and powerful recommendations contained in her comprehensive book:

  • Stop this Meeting
  • Say No More Often
  • Give Emotions Their Proper Place
  • The Delta Model

About Andrea J. Lee

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Andrea J. Lee is founder of Thought Partners International, which does business online under the identity Wealthy Thought Leader University—an internationally-known company that has helped thousands of entrepreneurs upturn the status quo. Through coaching they learn to prove their original business concepts, design offerings that break new ground, and sell in lucrative ways that feel good.

She served for 2 years as Director of Strategic Planning for the Indrani’s Light Foundation—a global non-profit devoted to eradicating domestic violence, in partnership with the NGO Population Services International. She is now ILF’s Global Ambassador.

Andrea has earned a long-standing reputation for excellence and ethics as a mentor coach, trusted advisor and thought partner, but the secret is out: she’s also a gifted speaker with a talent for making serious topics playful, and turning play into serious impact.

For the past 5 years, under the brand name Wealthy Thought Leader, Andrea has taught breakthrough thinking to thousands of entrepreneurial leaders from the start-up phase through 6, 7 and 8 figure incomes. These audiences work in a range of fields including entertainment, technology, philanthropy, manufacturing, the performing arts, therapy, coaching, the healing arts, entrepreneurship and more.

Andrea has coached actively and continuously since 2003, both individually and in groups, in a countless variety of situations and towards a range of deeply-sought goals. She coaches privately, in intensive group programs online, in workshops and in an innovative process of shadowing, particularly at live events for first-time event hosts. Working with Andrea is also said to be…fun.

Andrea is available for interviews, speaking engagements and customized workshops. She is equally comfortable as an opening or closing keynote, emcee, or facilitating an afternoon workshop or retreat.