Online Business Owners often ask me “Where’s the ‘gold’ and how do we share it?”

Introducing THE MOST REQUESTED content in my entire career of teaching online (20 years, at last count.)

The Joint Venture Formula: How to Share the Money | A Microclass + Teaching License

Would you like to do more creative projects with other people in your business and work? I hope so, because I think our future is calling out for that.

This training is what I call a ‘Microclass’ and it’s about joint ventures (2 or more people creating something together.) Specifically, it addresses exactly how to share the money in a JV when it starts to come in.

If you knew that the money conversation could go SUPER well, with not a shred of weird energy, and with a joyful outcome, would you be more likely to approach other awesome people to do cool projects?

“But Andrea, how would that look, who would do what, how would we divvy expenses up, and who would pay who?” << Very common coaching question.

“But Andrea, I feel like I don’t bring enough to the table to be worthy of asking them to joint venture with me, what do I say that will interest them in little old me?” << Also common coaching question.

“But Andrea, I’m super bad at math and I’m scared of negotiations, can I still collaborate with others?” << Okay, confession time, this one is me. A much younger me, but still me. Maybe you relate?

Taught for the first time in 2006 and to 1000s of students since then, this class is in part responsible for millions of dollars in collaboratively-generated revenue… and now you can put it to use for you!

The “How to Share the Money” Joint Venture Formula is now open in  MicroClass Format.

As well, there is a Teaching License available which allows you to use this content with your clients and communities.

Because the Universe has a wicked sense of humour, this material has become disproportionately meaningful to me because I grew up watching my Dad fail at every business deal in his life.

He just didn’t know how to talk to people. It didn’t matter if it was the Kiwanis club he was kicked out of, the many secretaries who fled after less than a week, the lawyers he hired to sort trouble out – the list goes on. Oh, Dad, how I wish we’d had the kind of relationship where you and I could have collaborated more. I know, you wanted that too. But it wasn’t in the cards.

What IS in the cards is teaching YOU how to talk about partnerships and money.

Dad’s life taught me a lot, including the fact that when you can’t talk to people about your ideas, your dreams get awfully stuck. When you can’t be vulnerable about what you bring to the table, or you can’t hear what other people want to get out of a project, well… that’s that. Doing things with those other people gets impossible, fast.

What’s worse is this inability to have money conversations can become a kind of personal jail, and our imaginations get stunted as a result. We stop dreaming about things that require togetherness. We shy away from innovation, and complex projects because it’s unclear who will own what and how things will be shared, like money and responsibility and challenges and big wins!

(In fact, we’re conditioned to think ‘geez, if we have a big win together won’t that be a shame because I could have had all that bounty to myself???’ This is an illness, by the way.)

Enter the Joint Venture Formula MicroClass + Teaching License

In two 90-minute recordings, I will:

Teach you the formula itself. This is a simple way to split up work, and allocate who will take home what money, for projects big and small. I’ll make the key principles very clear so you don’t just understand the formula, but you’ll grasp how to adapt it to the next projects you have in front of you.

Demonstrate several examples of Joint Ventures so you can get some new ideas, and then apply the Money Formula to those. You’ll get to walk through the customize-able and re-useable spreadsheet designed for this purpose. (Yes, when you register for the Microclass, you get a copy of this spreadsheet to call your own.)

Role play the conversation using a script for a typical 2-person joint venture, including the negotiation part, the most common objections and how to handle them. This sets the direction for your conversation so you can adapt and own it! (You guessed it, a copy of the script comes with the MicroClass, too.)

Then finally, I’ll answer the most common questions ever asked about how to apply this tool. This is a very thorough Q&A section because I want you to get what you need.

By the end of this MicroClass, you’ll have a practical approach and way to take action towards the projects you most want to do with other people. You’ll become the person who can lead that conversation, rather than the one who doesn’t know what to do.

You’ll also be freed up to be as innovative as you like, earn and save money due to the formula, AND tell the difference between a good project and a dud. < pretty cool stuff.

Speaking of, here are a few of the collaborative projects I’ve taken part in, or helped broker over the years, so you know I’m not just all talk

The Sound of Coaching, a CD product conceived of, produced and delivered in partnership with Mentor Coach Barbra Sundquist

Eureka Recruitment, a boutique HR firm in partnership with two other recruiters in Calgary, Alberta

Tour de Coach, a 3-day in-person event combining swimming, running & cycling with coaching skills, in partnership with Leadership Coach David Goldsmith

Pink Spoon Marketing, an online business curriculum and product, delivered in partnership with Author and Association Founder, Tina Forsyth

Your Event without Borders, a Livestream Event services company in collaboration with then-coach, now non-profit leader Jeremie Miller

Wealthy Thought Leader |

The Power of Collaboration, an in-person conference in NYC co-created with best-selling author and co-founder of Heroic Public Speaking Michael Port, and Creator of Milana Leshinsky

But what about the Teaching License part you mentioned, Andrea?

Ah! Yes. This is where the unusual part comes in. In addition to the recorded calls above…

You’ll also receive a 90-minute Train-the-Trainer recording where I cover how to teach this material to others.

This means that if you have private clients or a larger following, a community, a coaching or mentoring group (or another format) and you want to teach them how to share the money in their collaborations, you can purchase the teaching license option, get both the MicroClass and the Train-the-Trainer sessions, and go for it as a licensed trainer!

The teaching license is a one-time fee with no royalties or renewal fees attached. It comes with a straightforward single-page licensing agreement which you can preview here

Specifically, our class time will cover:

  • How to teach the formula, broken into three distinct parts, including ways you can customize it to suit your teaching style, audience and the length of time you have.
  • The bigger picture roots and philosophy behind the formula so you’re grounded in context for teaching it.
  • Common mistakes and best practices for trainers of this material.
  • Possibilities and opportunities to teach this material, whether that be to generate revenue directly, to enrich and integrate your existing offers, or as a standalone bonus gift, etc.
  • Then finally, once again I cover the most commonly-asked questions. 

This is gold! I like how simple, direct and powerful this content sounds. What’s the investment and how do I register?

The Joint Venture “How to Share the Money” Formula is available as a Microclass for students own use at a one-time investment of USD $47.

This will arrive in your inbox within a few minutes of registering and include all recordings, spreadsheet and other resources. Click the button to enrol now:

The Joint Venture ”How to Share the Money” Formula Microclass + TEACHING LICENSE (for those who wish to train this material in their own communities) is available at a one-time investment of USD $197. (The Microclass is included in this fee.)

Your class resources will arrive in your inbox soon after registration and include all recordings and resources. Click the button below to enrol now:

Creating more courageous and impactful things together is one the things I wish for the most. I hope you’ll use this material to cook up something incredible that astonishes us all.

This work – making difficult conversations easy and supporting people to create out-of-the-box solutions to what the world needs is, I feel, a soul contract, part of my dharma. Part of what my Dad’s life was supposed to teach me. I’m very grateful to offer this teaching in this form so that it can live on through you.

As for additional logistical information, check out the FAQ below. Otherwise, I’m so eager to send you the learning materials. When ready, just pick from one of the options above to get registered.

Here are just a few words from the most past students of this material:

“Andrea’s JV Formula is so brilliant and simple that I’ve kept it with me through the years, while most other trainings have faded away. It’s saved a few key partnerships when things were starting to get stressful about how to split the profits!”

Jeremy Blanchard, Director of Enrolment,

“The JV Formula is pure gold, worth multiple six-figures for our non-profit organization over just four years.”

Mellanie True Hills, Founder,

“Honestly the formula made it so easy for me to talk to potential partners, whereas before I would let my insecurity stop me from trying. It’s a confidence-booster that everyone should have access to.

Anna G., Minneapolis

What are the exact dates and times of the calls?

There are no dates or times because this isn’t a live training. Instead, you will receive recordings of me teaching the material utilizing adult learning principles expressly for you to study and apply on your own. 

This material is straightforward and powerful in its simplicity. It is not overly difficult to understand but it has moving parts. I suggest you book yourself two 90-minute blocks to complete the Microclass, and an additional two 90-minute blocks if you go for the teaching license.

I’m not sure if I'll be teaching the JV Formula to anyone, is it okay/should I still buy the license?

You are most welcome to buy the Microclass + License option if you wish, even if it’s not 100% clear where you’ll teach with it. If you’re keen on this topic and material, investing in the teaching license will give you a deeper level of understanding, which can be useful when you’re using the formula for your own purposes. Just like many people take a teacher training (yoga, English as a second language, Somatic Experiencing or other, etc.) without intending to teach it, you can think of it as an advanced level of the material.

Will I be able to download and save the recordings?

Yes, they are yours to keep safe so you can refer back as many times as you like!

What if I have questions; what happens after I’ve listened to the recordings and am running into difficulty with the material?

As part of your investment, I welcome any clarifying questions you have via email, if after studying the material you have some.

However if you have deeper needs for spot coaching or business strategy around your specific joint venture business plans, you can hire me directly to coach or consult. This work is fun, and usually a single coaching call is ample to address your joint venture work.

How do I make the License worthwhile?

This is a sound and reasonable question, so let me see if I can help. First, one of the best ways to get value from the license is to invest with the intention of doing something with it soon. Make your adaptations and then break the ice, go public with the material.

In fact, if you only teach it to a single private client and you very likely have the equivalent of your investment returned. Some other ideas to rapidly monetize: teach it in beta to your existing community; add it as a bonus class to an existing offer, etc. (I cover this in more detail in the Train-the-Trainer class.)

At US $250 with no additional fees, and an open time frame for you to choose any format you’d like, I’ve priced the license in a way that this risk should be low for you. Ask yourself, what is the minimum level I would need to see back in order to make the license worth it. I hope that helps with your decision!

Is there no Facebook group for this class?

That’s right, because this is a very quick and straightforward class, there will not be an online group specific to this material. There is however a FB group for alumni of all of my classes which you’ll be invited to join afterwards if you wish.

I’m super busy and feel overwhelmed. Should I take this class?

This is a strategic class that should help you decide what projects to pursue, and what not to. My intention is that this means you’re less overwhelmed, and can more quickly made choices and decisions. If that sounds useful to you, taking this class should help.

On the other hand, if you really don’t see how you’ll use this material in the next couple of months, I suggest you say no for now.

Do you offer refunds if the program isn’t right for me?

I hope the class experience is clearly described here, however if you discover it isn’t right for you, I will refund the full tuition when requested within 7 days of purchase. 

What can I expect after I register?

You’ll see a confirmation page, and then you’ll receive two emails (1) a receipt for your purchase and (2) a welcome email from me.

Where can I ask any other questions?

Email us at and we’ll be glad to get back to you!

To register now for either the Microclass Only Option, or the Microclass + License Option, click on your preferred button here:

The Joint Venture “How to Share the Money” Formula

Two, 90 minute recordings, customizeable spreadsheet + resources

USD $47


The Joint Venture ”How to Share the Money” Formula Microclass + LICENSE

Two, 90 minute Microclass recordings + Two, 90 minute Train-the-Trainer recordings

USD $197

“Wow! I just met with a business consultant who wants to use my convening skills. I shared this model with him and it was right on the mark.”
– Matthew Rochte, CEO, Coaching IntentionallyName Goes Here

“I can’t imagine negotiating in business without the formula.

You never want to say ‘I’m better than you, I bring this or that to the table” that makes the conversation sticky. Adjusting the specific numbers like sliders on an equaliser during the negotiations, the drama and emotions are pulled out so a beautiful clean agreement is reached. So professional, the kind of business relationships I want!”

– Martha Wilson, Visionary Mentor to Government

Photo credit: Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash