Some Personal Updates

Life seems to crawl along so slowly, until it doesn’t. Have you ever noticed that?

For a lot of years, I resisted making a big flap about new things happening, eschewing the hoopla of public life for more private celebrations. It’s a hyped-up world out there and games I’ll choose not to play. Maybe you feel similarly? But gradually I’ve learned that when I hide like that, I rob myself and others of happy moments and THAT certainly will not do.

I’m learning and relearning what it means to fling open the doors and welcome love in.

Today, I have news, updates and some celebrating to share. But before I do that, I want to pause and say a big old thanks in advance for continuing to dream. Really. Corny as it may sound, I think we’re in a big moment in history for the dreamers among us.

Now’s not the time to go back to normal, or fall back asleep, am I right?

Now’s your chance to be as abnormal as possible because even the weirdest of moves would be considered understandable given all we’ve come through. Opportunity!

Bold leaps are more possible in the rarefied post-Covid air, so don’t stop dreaming. Don’t go back to normal. Don’t fall back asleep. Don’t forget to celebrate. I mean it.

Update #1: The new website is here!

It’s been nearly 5 years in the works, and I’m thrilled by how much I love it.

All the photos on the website are selfies, except one, by the way. So no more excuses if you’ve been waiting! (The Photobooth app on my Mac saved the day.)

It came in under budget, which is almost unheard of, and I was able to be as hands-on and collaborative as I love to be (versus letting designers have their way with me, which inevitably just doesn’t work.) In short, it was a heavenly process.

So now you know! In addition to new coaching packages, teaching licenses, I now have Writing services, too.

In honour of the site launch, all new purchases are eligible for 15% off – either use the coupon code WHATTOSAY on checkout, or we’ll apply the discount for you when we confirm any 1-on-1 work.

Update #2: My Master’s Thesis finally got approved after a rigorous ethical review.

Don’t you just love that one tiny word ‘Fine?’ That’s what’s so great about academia – it’s usually so dry that when you get even the tiniest compliment, you can live off that for months!

What this means practically is that my project can now proceed to the survey phase. I get to collect data on: Emotionally-Abusive (EA) Individuals: An Exploration of Perspective, Remorse, Change and Reduction in Romantic Relationships. (Okay I’m terrified about all this, but also elated… #relateable?)

This work’s been a long time coming and I had to sit myself down to let it sink in. It’s really starting. I can’t wait to share the survey link with you and ask your help getting it out in the world. #soon

Update #3: For the first time ever, I found a hat that works!

It may be strange to lump a hat in with the other two updates, but I said I was letting joy in, didn’t I? Okay, real talk, I have a big head. Yes, haha! I mean physically. 🙂 As a result I’m that sadly-can’t-seem-to-make-hats-work person forever. Really, hats seemed like an impossibility to me. Until now. It’s a real miracle!

So yes, I’m celebrating by wearing it indoors in my office like a total goof. Now you know all there is worth knowing about how my summer is going.

Until next time, would you be willing to do two things?

1. Hit reply to share your updates – I’d genuinely love to hear how things are with you. Websites, projects, hats… what’re you up to?

2. Have a peek at the new website, including the new freebie “What to Say and How to Say It When You Want to be Powerful and Kind: A Checklist for Challenging Conversations.”

If you have any interactions with other humans coming up 😉 I think you’ll find it of use!! <3 And don’t forget to use coupon code WHATTOSAY for 15% off if you decide to do some shopping. 🙂

Thank you EVER so much for celebrating my updates this week! I’m really one lucky duck. So very glad to be in all this together.

A final word. If you’ve been being really patient, steadily putting one foot in front of the other the last while, one breath at a time, I see you (and feel you!) and am sending encouragement. Know that I’m here whispering and cheering:

“Remember – life seems to crawl along at a snail’s pace, ever so slowly, until it doesn’t! Keep going. You’re on the right track. It’s all going to be worth travelling the unconventional path. #Promise.”

With love and regard, always,


Photo credit: Michael Dziedzic on Unsplash